Change Your Energy, Change Your Life Reveals: The 11 Simple Principles To Happiness, Success, Fulfillment, and Joy!

"The story really begins with me sitting on the edge of a bed holding a loaded .357 Magnum in my mouth, not really sure if I was going to pull the trigger. Someone was gong to die that day, I just wasn't sure who yet..."

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In This Book You Will Discover...

  • How To Gain Instant Confidence!

    You can use what I discovered at a job interview at Dairy Queen that gave me the ability to create instant confidence on demand for the rest of my life! This one simple process that takes seconds can change your life forever.

  • How To Win Big, Even While Failing!

    Most people never create the success in life they want because they’re taught to avoid this. But, when you learn the true power contained in this everyday occurrence, you’ll instantly propel yourself into a new level of life!

  • How To Get What You Want, Now!

    When you learn how to use this simple principle you use every day already the RIGHT way, you’ll instantly see opportunity everywhere. It’s as if someone is handing you everything you want, you just can’t see it… yet!

PLUS I'm Going To Give You 2 Powerful Bonuses To Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your Time!

The BANABU Energy Triad

It's one thing to know what to do, but until you do what you know it's just powerless knowledge. I created the BANABU Energy Triad as a simple daily routine for myself to accelerate my success on any focused area in my life by maximizing my energy in the process. I've used it to: Lose 50 pounds in 90 days Become a #1 Bestselling Author Build multiple profitable businesses Generate over 6 figures a month in personal income Basically, I use it for everything I want to achieved of any real significance The BANABU Energy Triad is a simple system that taps into the things you do all day every day already in a way that maximizes your power, success, results and the speed you see those results. And because it's doing stuff you do all day everyday already, literally ANYONE can use it to create massive success, FAST!

The BANABU In Action Workbook

In this workbook I'm gong to give you the exact tools and exercises I used in the trenches to create powerful and lasting transformations in my life. I'm gonna give you:
    •    The fastest way to change your energy, any place, anytime, under any circumstance in a way that is so simple you're going to laugh it!
•    A simple way to convert the feelings and emotions you don't want into powerful fuel to create what you do want!
•    The most powerful and simple way to instantly alter and enhance any relationship you want to improve in your life. (This one has saved marriages and repaired relationships with so much damage no one thought they were repairable)
•    The ONLY thing you need to know about attraction and how it actually works in the "real world" (If you've studied the Law Of Attraction you NEED this in your life)
•    How to "recharge" you motivation when you start to feel "stale"
•    How to easily identify and BEAT old habits that run your life (sometimes into the ground).

There is a trick to this that is so simple, you're going to kick yourself when you learn it.
These are just a few of the things you're going to get with the BANABU In Action Workbook (there are far too many to list). These are timeless, evergreen tools and exercises that have a 100% success rate when used and applied and I want to be a part of your success in life, not failure so I'm going to make sure you have this resources as well.

Real People, Real Life Changing Results!

From who I was, from who I am now, and from the best I will become, Thank you!

My concepts, my ideas, my beliefs, my entire life has been turned upside- right! And now I can only hope to live my life so truly that I can help change someone elses –as you have mine. Your teachings can change the world! They have changed mine!


Ashley H

I woke up! I realized that I took a step towards success instead of failure. The principles are easy to grasp. Very simple to understand. It was like getting hit over the head with a bat. It’s right there in front of you all along. Excellent!

Mike G

Mike is Real! A man who is not only the product of what he’s teaching but who is also a poster child for genuineness in sharing something he’s very passionate about. The BANABU principles demystify the elemental ability we all possess but rarely tap into...

Valerie Stratford

I hardly have bad days now. I’ve realized that I’m the only person that can control this, and I can decide each and every day that I will make it productive and most importantly, happy. I’m in control. I no longer allow other to control me. I hung on ever world. The principles are simple but very powerful. For years I have been trying to “find myself’ and the BANABU Principles has helped me do that...

Dora G

For the first time all of these universal principles were melded in one cohesive lesson plan and explained simply and in a straight forward manner. The principles are vital to true success and happiness. They should be taught throughout everyone’s formative school years. Man, I am glad I found you! :-)

Tom B

The BANABU Principles helped me improve every relationship in my life, co-workers, children friends, family and even my so called "enemies". Simple and easy to apply to every aspect of my life. Mike is a living example of the benefits of the principles he teaches.

Jeannie Wall

"I was surprised. I was shocked, I was impressed. I work with at risk students, we had to role play job interviews, I had them do the Principle #1 exercise and it worked. They did great, and they UNDERSTOOD!! It has become the buzzword in the class, when we want something to happen we shout BANABU!"

Emilie J. Uyehara

Mike Kemski is one of the few people that truly "gets it" and lives what he teaches. This book should be mandatory reading in the class of life.

Travis Seibold

You have managed to help me see why I have been sabotaging myself every single time when it comes to earning money as an entrepreneur.

I have bought and listened to countless self-improvement courses, but the BANABU Principles have finally created the breakthrough for me.

Dianna R
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